See Which Kind Of Composite Film Packaging Is Suitable For Your Food Vacuum Packaging Machine

- Jan 15, 2019-

The working principle of vacuum packaging is to remove the oxygen inside the bag to help prevent food spoilage. The workflow is relatively simple. The deterioration of food mold is mainly caused by the activity of microorganisms, and the survival of most microorganisms requires oxygen. Through the vacuum machine to extract the oxygen of the product to achieve the role of anti-corrosion, how long can be stored, interested friends can look at the vacuum packaging preservation time this article.
The composition, properties and uses of commonly used composite packaging materials are as follows:

Meal snacks: required moisture resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, bag break resistance; composite film examples: KPT / PE, OPP / CPP, OPP / PE.

Instant noodles: moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, mechanical packaging adaptability, insect resistance, fragrance retention; composite membrane example: PT/PE

Fast food: gas barrier and corrosion resistance; composite membrane examples: KPT/OPP, PVDC/OPP, KPT/PE/BOPP

Juice powder: moisture-proof and anti-oxidation requirements; composite membrane examples: PRT/PE, KPT/PE, PET/AL/PE, PET/PVDC/PE

Bean paste: anti-mold, gas barrier, heat-resistant water bactericidal; composite film examples: ON/PVDC/PE, ONY/EVAL/PE

Sauces: vacuum degassing, pinhole resistance, antistatic; composite film examples: OPP/PE, PET/PE

Milk powder: moisture resistance and oxygen barrier resistance; composite membrane example: coated PVDC cellophane / AL / PE

Ham, sausage: gas barrier, moisture resistance, vacuum gas filling; composite membrane example: coated PVDC cellophane / PE PET / PE, PVDC / PET / PE, PVDC / PP / PE

Tea: moisture, opacity, gas barrier, aroma, pinhole resistance; composite film examples: OPP/AL/PE, PET/PE/paper/AL/PE

Condiment: Requires gas barrier, fragrance retention, oil resistance; composite membrane example: NY/PE, PVDC/PET/PE

Frozen food: low temperature sealing and oil resistance; composite film examples: PA/PE, PET/PE, NY/PE

Steam sterilization food: long-term preservation, heat resistance 125 ° C; composite film example: PET / AL / CPP