The Scope And Advantages Of Heat Shrink Packaging Machine

- Mar 26, 2019-

As the leader of the packaging industry, the heat shrink packaging machine has to know the misunderstanding of the heat shrink packaging machine. Its potential characteristics still need to be said, which is mainly reflected in the convenience, see the introduction of Fumao Xiaobian!

The characteristics of the heat shrink packaging machine:

1. Direct heating with far infrared rays;

2, shrinkage does not affect the quality of the packaged goods and can shrink the packaging;

3. Electronic stepless speed regulation;

4, the device is small in size, short in warm-up time, and saves electricity;

5. Applicable to the packaging of regular or irregular items.

The heat shrink packaging machine is one of the more advanced packaging methods in the market. It is wrapped around the product or package by shrink film. After heating, the shrink film is wrapped around the product or package to fully display the appearance of the product and improve the product's marketing performance. Aesthetic and value. At the same time, the packaged articles can be sealed, moisture-proof, and anti-pollution, and protect the goods from external impacts, and have a certain cushioning property, especially when the package is fragile, which can prevent the containers from scattering when broken.
The scope of use of heat shrink packaging machine:

1. Daily chemical companies: a good choice for cluster packaging. In terms of selecting the appropriate packaging method for accurate product market positioning and sales forecast period, some high-end products may use carton as the outer packaging, but some middle and low-end products do not need to use carton packaging.

2, pharmaceutical companies: heat shrinking replace the carton can save nearly 10 million yuan. Because the pharmaceutical industry's external packaging requirements are relatively low, companies using heat shrink packaging are more likely to reduce the total cost by reducing the cost of packaging materials.

3, beverage beer enterprises: color film heat shrink packaging machine to enhance product quality, promote sales, gift box products are mostly in the form of heat shrink packaging.

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