Tips For Purchasing A Heat Shrink Packaging Machine

- Mar 28, 2019-

The heat shrink packaging machine is already one of the indispensable equipments in the packaging industry. When purchasing naturally, you should also pay attention to the selection of heat shrink packaging machines for vegetables and fruits. Today, Fumao Xiaobian selects the hot shrink packaging machine. Everyone makes the following introduction.

1. Choose equipment according to the size of the product. What we need to determine is the type of shrinking machine, then the second item we need to determine is the model of the machine. The model of the machine is basically determined according to the size of the product. Generally, the size of the shrinking machine of the shrinking machine should be about 10cm or so from the left and right, so that the product can pass the shrinking machine very well.

2. Choose the model according to the output. Although we can basically determine the type of shrinking machine after the first two, it is not necessarily economical to determine this. It is necessary to confirm whether the model is suitable according to the customer's output. If it is not suitable, then it should be more economical. s solution.

3, according to the material of the film to buy. There are three types of packaging films on the market: pof pvc and PE. For the three films, the first two can be shrunk with the same shrinking machine, and the PE film must be shrunk with its exclusive shrinking machine because This film is relatively thick and requires a relatively high heating temperature.
The heat shrink packaging machine is also called a heat shrinking machine. The machine mainly heats and shrinks the film wrapped on the surface of the article by heating, thereby realizing packaging for the article.