Ways To Increase Shrinkage Of Shrinkage Machine

- Oct 15, 2018-

After years of development, shrinking machine has become an indispensable equipment in the production industry. Shrinker packaging is currently a very popular way of packaging, whether in supermarkets or in daily life can see the shadow of Shrinker products, such as disinfection tableware, beer drinks, cosmetics, honey bottles, red wine, mosquito incense boxes. The application scope of the shrinking machine is quite extensive.

First, the temperature is up to the requirement. The working principle of the shrinker is actually relatively simple, that is, speed and temperature matching, when the temperature is low, the product surface will appear wrinkles. And if the temperature is high, the film will be blanching. Generally, POF film can use about 130 degrees of temperature, while PE film can generally use about 170 degrees of temperature.

Two. The size of the furnace is suitable. The size of the furnace is not suitable for two situations. One is the oversize of the furnace and the other is that the furnace is too small. Overheated hearth occurs when the product receives less temperature, most of the heat is three, so it is necessary to increase the heat shrinkable packaging machine to a high temperature in order to shrink better. When the furnace is too small, the film will be placed on the inner wall of the furnace, so that it will be damaged.

Three, shrink film to do puncture. This situation is mainly aimed at the POF film full package, when the user needs a full package of products, the surface of the shrinkage film must be punctured some small holes, so that the gas inside the film can be released through the small holes in the shrinkage, otherwise the gas is in the film, there will be membrane bulging.

Four, speed matching. Users shrink the product is different, the length of the furnace is different, the furnace temperature is different, the required conveying speed is different, this speed does not have a standard value for reference, mainly the customer needs to be tested in use, generally after several tests, the basic will have a better effect. The longer the furnace is, the higher the temperature and the faster the speed. This requires customers to be aware of their needs.

Fifth, the quality of the film is good, or the selected width of the film is not appropriate, the shrinkage film used by the shrinker needs to meet certain requirements, if the quality of the shrinkage film is too poor, then the shrinkage effect must be bad, or there are wrinkles, or will burst.