What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of Shrink Wrappers

- May 07, 2019-

The automatic shrinking machine is a machine with high work efficiency and automation in the shrinking machine. The price of the general shrinking machine is several thousand dollars, but the price of the automatic shrinking machine is about tens of thousands of yuan, depending on the customer. The model selected and the size and productivity of the customer's packaged product.
The quality of the general machine largely determines the price of the fully automatic shrink film shrinking machine. If there is a big price difference between the same shrinking machine, there must be a problem of different quality. Our fully automatic shrinking machine produced by Qingdao Meg can meet the quality problem, and the price problem also reflects our quality. It is like we usually buy clothes, buy clothes in specialty stores and on Taobao, the price is definitely not the same. Although we look at the shape of the model, the colors are the same, but the quality is very different. For the shrinking machine, there are many parts manufacturers that produce shrinking machines. The same mechanical shape looks the same, but the internal parts are not visible. If the parts are used poorly, the price will naturally be much cheaper and the service life will be much shorter. Will also be affected.