What Are The Types Of Products That Shrink Packaging?

- Oct 15, 2018-

The shrinking machine is an indispensable packaging equipment in the packaging industry. We have been in the leading position in the shrinking machine field by our research and development and innovation for many years, and have a better voice in the shrinking machine problem.

Shrinking machine to shrink packaging is a very popular packaging method. You can see the shadow of heat shrinking machine on the product in supermarkets and daily life, such as: disinfection tableware, beer drinks, cosmetics, honey bottles. , red wine, mosquito coils, etc. Heat shrinkable film is generally divided into PE film, POF film and PVC film. Which kind of film is suitable for packaging? Qingdao Meg Machinery tells you which products are often used for shrink film packaging machines.

The pneumatic sealing and cutting machine in the heat shrinking machine has a wide range of use, and is suitable for heat shrink packaging of small products, such as biscuits, medicine boxes, cartons, toys, basketball, grapefruit, mosquito coils, books, hand soap bottles, cosmetics, office utilities, hardware accessories. Wait, you can look around you, the POF film is softer and has better transparency.

In general, beverages are commonly used in PE film packaging. This film is relatively thick and requires a large heat shrinking machine for packaging. After heat shrinking, there is still cold air to shape, otherwise it will affect the packaging effect; suitable for PE film packaging. The products are probably as follows: tobacco, beverages, beer, cans, insulation materials, cartons, cans, drinks, large plates, sheet metal parts and other larger and heavier products. Therefore, the application range of the heat shrinkable film packaging machine is still relatively wide.