What Is The Most Suitable Temperature For Vacuum Packed Foods?

- Jan 16, 2019-

What is the most suitable temperature for vacuum packed foods? In theory, the optimal temperature for the transport of food packaged in vacuum packaging machines is consistent with the optimum storage temperature. Therefore, when designing a refrigerated truck, the former technician always tries to make the transport temperature consistent with the storage temperature of the cold storage according to the influence of the transportation process. But in practice, such transportation costs are often very high and extremely uneconomical. In fact, the optimum refrigerated temperature for each vacuum packaged food is determined by long-term practice. Modern transportation conditions are very convenient, and the transportation time of food is generally short. Therefore, the transportation of food is only equivalent to short-term storage. We do not need to apply the long-term refrigeration index to strict requirements.

According to research, the daily consumption of apples in a refrigerated truck at 4 °C is only equivalent to 1.86 days of consumption at an optimum refrigerating temperature of 0 °C. Even if the transportation period is as long as 15 days, it only makes the storage life of the whole year. Shortened by 30 days. This indicates that in transportation, due to the short transit time, the transport temperature slightly higher than the optimum refrigerating temperature has little effect on the quality of the food. The use of slightly higher temperatures, such as the use of insulated vehicles instead of refrigeration vehicles, can reduce energy consumption and improve economic efficiency.