What Membrane Is Used To Sterilize Dishes?

- Dec 28, 2018-

In the catering industry, plastic film for sterilizing tableware is used. Most manufacturers use pof film heat shrink film packaging machine. Such films are commonly used in the packaging of food, medicine, beverages, alcohol and other products. The local environmentally friendly heat shrinkable film POF can degrade, but some small consumer companies include unlicensed and unlicensed enterprises, in order to reduce the cost of using ordinary plastic film. The food and packaging film on the right track are not easy to produce toxic substances after heating, which is relatively safer to the human body, but still produces white pollution.

The packaging made of POF environmental protection film raw materials, the series of products have good optical performance, strong shrinkage, clear printed patterns, bright colors, and brand identity. The tableware is stopped by packaging, and the melamine chopsticks are separately packaged to form a set of 6 sets of personal tableware. Each set of guests is not only suitable for sanitation, but also convenient for cleaning and storage. Undoubtedly, it can give customers a good feeling of eating and rest assured, and after dinner. The shrink film bag can be processed into a shaped bag such as a flat pocket, a circular arc bag, or a trapezoidal bag.

After the POF shrinks and wraps, the corners of the seal are soft and will not cut the human hand, and it is also resistant to sputum. After shrinking the PE, the sealing corners are soft and will not cut the hands. After shrinking and packaging the PVC, the corners of the seal are hard and sharp, and it is easy to cut and bleed.捍 捍 PO POF is non-toxic and does not produce toxic breath when processed, in line with US FDA and USDA specifications. PE is non-toxic and does not produce toxic gases during processing. It is compatible with the US FDA and USDA regulations. PVC is toxic, processing will produce odor, toxic gases, and will be phased out.